No Sarcasm. Not Today.

PHOTO-Carol and Emma ChristmasSo often I post semi-snarky comments about life with Sizzlers. It’s always tongue-in-cheek. And it’s a good let-off-valve for all the stress that these intense kids can bring into our lives.

But this evening, I’m struck by how much I adore this child. How her unique and quirky ways add so many layers of wonderful to my life. Life would be so much LESS. . .less of everything, if she’d never been in this family. And what’s more, I wouldn’t even have known what I was missing.

I love that when she has those million-and-one thoughts in her head, I’m the one she wants to share them with.

I love that when she opens her mouth, it will seem like she’s sharing something totally unrelated to the last topic, but if you ask her, she can tell you the fourteen connection points that brought her there.

I love the unique perspective that gives rise to some of the strangest and funniest of thoughts anywhere.

I love that she laughs, cries, engages, reads, and acts with such intensity; everything is 110% with her. It’s like the difference between seeing a photo of a painting with its sterile muted rendition of the original, and instead being privileged to stand in front of the real thing with all its vibrant colors, bold brush strokes and many rich hues.

And best of all, I love that she keeps me from ever becoming one of those smug, I-can-look-down-on-others kind of parents because each day she brings me challenges that force me to grow. . .once again. She keeps me humble. And right behind humble, usually follows compassion.

Tonight, as 2013 is just starting, blank and fresh with possibilities,  I find myself not exhausted, not annoyed, not looking for a new solution to a Sizzler-produced challenge, but instead, anticipating what delights and surprises the year will most certainly bring. I can’t say that I’ll always be in this amiable sort of mood, but for tonight, I’m incredibly thankful for the layers and layers of blessings brought into my life by my Sizzler. On that note, I’ve got a child to go hug.



7 Responses to “No Sarcasm. Not Today.”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Love this! So true!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I am a sizzler and I have a sizzler… life is never boring around here

    • carolbarnier Says:

      Me too! And somehow the math is different. It’s not like “one sizzler plus one sizzler equals TWICE the sizzle.” Rather 1 + 1 = something oh-so-much more. Have an immensely non-boring day. 🙂

  3. Tyna Says:

    I do not have any Sizzlers. Yet. But I so enjoy reading your life and thanking Him that I am not you!!! Thanks for all your great advice and real-life stories. Real-life stories make things better, don’t you think?

    • carolbarnier Says:

      Tyna-you made me laugh out loud! Do you know how Jewish men used to pray that prayer, thanking God each day that they had not been born a woman? I’m thinking we need a new one for folks. . .thanking God that they weren’t born into Carol’s family. I wouldn’t trade this bunch for anything, but I’m certain that we would overwhelm most folks. 🙂 Thanks for checking in!

  4. Tanis McNeil Says:

    Cheers (with herbal tea) on these wonderful reminders. Just tonight I had that same vein of thought for my daughter. As I was tempted to feel exhausted and annoyed for the tenth request for her to dial down that day (with some very necessary corrective directions-let’s not talk about what time of day number ten occurs- it varies), I was struck by how she challenges me to dream bigger and expect more (good)…How I limit God often (and my child) by my own intense expectations (in reverse of grandeur- self preservation based) She spurs me on to believe there are things I’ve yet to do or think or experience that can’t be overlooked nor be allowed to be replaced by anything else. She urges me to reconsider my apathy and we grow more zesty (when did zeal for His house stop consuming me?) together- her more wise and mature, and me, more child-like. Putting away childish things? of course… having the fellowship intended and doing it meaningfully -to stay true to the God of big dreams. Blessings on you and yours from somebody who needed this tonight. Chaos subdued, and me on my way to respite- in my dreams !! May they be of my daughter and me dancing in fields-(actually on horseback if she had any say) with our Father God. Tanis M.

  5. Tanis McNeil Says:

    third line of Tanis’ testimony should not say hero but “her to…”. Just noticed the typ-o , sorry.

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