Driveway Delight

notin Pictures, Images and PhotosI was driving down the same winding road from my house that I always take. Clearly, the school bus was due to come along at any minute because at practically every third driveway there was a parent and child, standing, waiting, watching, perhaps talking. But not much else. I continued around another blind curve. There I’d see another child-parent pair looking like statues. Another curve. Another pair.

Then. . .I went round one more curve and was suddenly greeted by a mom and her son, dancing wildly on the driveway. They held onto each others’ hands, and dipped hard to the side. It looked like a jitterbug fest had broken out. They were oblivious to us. They only had eyes for each other. And there was some serious joy going on at that house.

I smiled for a good half mile. I kept thinking back to them. Swirling and giggling. Dipping and laughing. I loved that mother for what she had  given that child. What a send-off before heading out to school. What a great positive mindset to give this child before he got on the bus. What a home to want to come back to. What a love language. Her simple moment of Driveway Delight said I just like being with you.

We homeschoolers spend so much of our time directing the academic objectives of our children–which is good–but it can start to take the place of relationship. Sizzlers, especially, can eat so much of our energy that all they get from us is Serious Administrative Parent.

So today you have an assignment–an action prompt.

Determine that you will do something with your child PURELY for the delight factor. It only has to take a few seconds.  Nothing has to be learned. Nothing has to be made. It has to be something that delights your child. All it has to say is I just like being with you.

And if you don’t get it done by the time bedtime rolls around, then make bedtime special. Blow bubbles on his belly. Tell a bedtime story with her stuffed animals. Do a goodnight dance, holding your child tight while you sing a good night song. Let them know that even when there’s nothing to do, you like sharing that little bit of nothing with them, because you just like being with them.

SHARE IT. If you have delight to try or a result to share, by all means share it in the comments. You can bet there will be other moms and dads reading this looking for ideas.


8 Responses to “Driveway Delight”

  1. Barbara Chamberlin Says:

    My kids all like a good massage from mom at bed time, even if it is only a couple minutes long. I like to hear what they are thinking about when they are comfortable.

  2. ~Jen~ Says:

    We do Good Morning Kiss and Hug; as each child gets up in the morning I spend one or two minutes asking them how they slept, what they would like to do today, and getting and giving goodmorning kisses and hugs and saying we love each other. We always do goodnight hugs, but this is also a great way to start the day (before they have time to tear apart or spill anything-lol). That way they start the day knowing I love them no matter what, and end the day knowing I still love them no matter what happened!

  3. Shelley Says:

    It is true, as homeschooling parents, when the schooling is done, we just want a break and rush the kids off to play time. It is hard to “want” to do more. That may sound horrible, but it isn’t. It is normal. Some days the schooling sucks all my energy out and I am left worn out with a whole other list of things to do… laundry, dinner, etc…
    This year is different though. I sat with the kids (I have 4) and planned our schedule before the year started. We decided that each day one of them would be “in charge” of making lunch. So they get to decide on the menu and have one-on-one time with me while we make their lunchable creations. It has been such a joy to spend that little bit of time with them alone, seeing the fruits of our labor in how they handle the task.
    Btw – cooking for me is fun – not work, so this may not be the best idea for everyone 🙂 Also, doing this at lunch time is good because only have the day’s energy has been sucked out of me – ha ha

  4. Laura J. Hunt Says:

    This is my first year post-homeschooling and my son and I have weekly trips to the coffee shop to play cribbage. It’s SOOOOO hard for me to do this. Every single week, I don’t have time, and some weeks I do cancel. But when I force myself to go, I am always so glad afterwards. That time is specials even, dare I say, sacred.

  5. Donna Person Says:

    I have often given in to the urge to dance crazily and twirl around the room (s) with one or more of my kids in the middle of the day — though never in our driveway — but always finished feeling a little sheepish, like what would the neighbors think?, and we really should get back to school… Well, if we were fortunate enough to have a neighbor like you, they’d join us!
    thanks for the reminders and encouragement that relationship trumps all, and enjoying each other and laughing together is sooo much more important than getting through something by a certain time, or mastering some concept.
    60’s oldies or Beatles are our favorites — or ballet to Nutcracker!

  6. Ann Posey Says:

    So, this weekend we were going camping with American Heritage Girls. It was to rain. My husband was to arrive late, way after our tent was to be set up. AND, there were tipis available that were permanent structures…and awfully tempting to this tired mom. And then, my little sizzler looked up at me and couldn’t wait to help me set up the tent! So, she and I had an hour long blast setting up a tent together! Yes, it rained, yes, we got wet, yes, we made memories! Thank you for the challenge, Carol!

  7. Misti Says:

    I don’t know how it started but in the morning sometimes when I wake up with a child on each side of me.. I don’t know when or how they smuggled in but there they are when I wake up..we play the Egg Game. Its been going on for years and I thought it would end when they got bigger but here we are still playing. The kids hide under the covers snuggled up to me and act like eggs that I am to keep warm till they hatch. They decide what they will be when they ‘hatch’ slowly emerging from the covers and pretend to be the animal they have chosen. I also get to choose what mother animal I will be. It only takes a few minutes and makes us all laugh.
    Thanks for reminding me how those little moments mean so much!

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