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Driveway Delight

September 21, 2011

notin Pictures, Images and PhotosI was driving down the same winding road from my house that I always take. Clearly, the school bus was due to come along at any minute because at practically every third driveway there was a parent and child, standing, waiting, watching, perhaps talking. But not much else. I continued around another blind curve. There I’d see another child-parent pair looking like statues. Another curve. Another pair.

Then. . .I went round one more curve (more…)


Hear the Sizzle

February 19, 2010

Chels leaping Pictures, Images and PhotosThere really is a dance that goes on around our Sizzlers.

Learning to playfully change the subject when it’s clear our Sizzlers are about to meltdown…is a dance.
Learning to artificially lower our voice to a really calm and quiet level to avoid further raising their excitability…is a dance.
Learning to hold them tightly when their sobs are so deep they fill them with spasms…is a dance.
And saying for the 89th just how wonderful their piano piece is even though you said it on time 88 and 87 and 86 such that you’re soooo ready to throw The Happy Birch Canoe and his Wigwam too…RIGHT out the window….is a dance.

I just LOVE these kids and all their energy.
I’m tired, but I love ’em. (more…)

Why is this called Sizzle Bop?

February 3, 2010

thinking man Pictures, Images and PhotosThe title for this site was an inspiration from my much loved but high energy (and high maintenance) son.  One night several years ago, he came rushing into my room, out of breath, to inform me that something “really serious” had happened. It somehow involved flying pieces of broken light bulb glass and smoke. Fearing an impending fire, I flew to the site of concern. Sure enough, there was a light bulb with a substantial portion missing. After a bit of searching, I found the little jettisoned piece lying almost ten feet from the lamp.

I wondered at the laws of physics that had been at work here when I saw… (more…)