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Mean Adults- Part Four- Final

September 9, 2010

porcupine Pictures, Images and PhotosThis is IT. . .the last in our series about dealing with adults who are mean to our Sizzlers.

Thus far we’ve covered this topic from several angles.

We’ve looked at how to…
Change the Situation
Change the Sizzler
Change the Offending Adult

What could be left?

How about. . . (more…)

Do I Make People Tired?

February 6, 2010

sleeping cats Pictures, Images and PhotosThere’s a conversation you should have with your Sizzler.
Not so much, if they’re the dreamy, mind-just-sort-of-wanders type of child.
But rather, with the child who talks a mile a minute about each and every thing that pops into their heads (which is constantly full of such pops) and is absolutely compelled to share it all with you (or whomever is within three feet of them) in a non-stop, rambling, even tenacious fashion, complete with sound effects, hand motions and above all…en-THU-siasm.

That is the child to whom the following thoughts are dedicated. (more…)