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It’s the Mother’s Fault

February 26, 2010

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My oh my.

I shall never complain again.

You know how people sometimes say something about our wiggly or distractible kids and they are waaaaaaay off base, so much so that it’s almost humorous?

Such things no longer bring defensiveness from me.

Usually I just nod, and give them a knowing smile.

Like the day one of my son’s teacher’s said to me, “Oh I don’t believe he’s ADHD. He couldn’t be. Why…he has said things in my class that are truly insightful and intelligent.”

<knowing smile>

Or how about, “Is it really ADHD? Or is it Sin?”

<knowing smile> plus maybe a few gracious words intended to educate.

But let’s talk about THE BIG GUILT—those comments that are intended to suggest that our child is the way he or she is because of something we’ve done…some bad parenting choice we’ve made. (more…)