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Green Grass Syndrome

April 15, 2010

grass Pictures, Images and PhotosHaving homeschooled now for over 15 years, I know what it is to always see greener grass in someone else’s classroom. We’re always sure someone else is doing it better. We’re always sure our children will surely lack something because of an item we’ve missed. We’re always sure there is something else we should be doing, but probably aren’t.

Take a look at a clip from a talk I did in Atlanta, Georgia. When you first see my face you may think…What is going on with this woman? Is she in pain? Is she giving birth?  And why can’t she find a better fitting jacket. Well…the jacket never improves much. But the pained expression does pass. It’s just my social marketing consultant’s idea of a funny place to do a stop-frame on my video. Push play as quickly as you can and it soon will progress into something less frightening.

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Homeschooling’s Dirty Little Secret

March 22, 2010

color splash Pictures, Images and PhotosThings had gotten bad in our support group.  The battle lines had been drawn. Two of our homeschooling membership had gotten into a competition of sorts. They came to each meeting with scripture on their lips and a quiet smile plastered on their faces, but there was a squint-eyed gleam in their eyes.  And it was getting worse with each meeting.

Barbara Ann arrived just a tad early to every meeting practically bursting to share her son’s latest feats.

    “Why yes, this past month my son Reginald was accepted to the NASA Jr. Space internship program, <pause for effect> ,his essay got 1st place in the Patrick Henry Brains-of-America  contest, and with the sheer power of his mind he rid himself of the measles. Praise be to God.”

The room held its breath and waited, for they knew that now… it was Wilhelmina’s turn.