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Suspect Words from Your Doctor

April 7, 2010

women doctor clipboard Pictures, Images and PhotosMy youngest Sizzler is sick. We’ve been running back and forth to medical offices quite a bit of late, and we’ll be going to the hospital for a fairly serious test tomorrow.  It’s not a concern in the life-and-death category, but neither is it a mere cold.  It’s a semi-major concern that will probably be with us for many months to come. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because in the midst of all this medically related busyness I had a profound moment of Deja vu. 
And THAT is the thing about which I am writing to you today. 

As my little fireball was overcome with high fevers, pounding headaches and other debilitating symptoms, she slowed a bit from her usual level of high energy. To the loving and familiar parental eye, she was clearly a shadow of her former boisterous self.  But to the stranger’s eye, that of a doctor, she didn’t display near the level of lethargy that a typical child might show under similar conditions. 

And that’s when I heard it.
The words that were a shock wave from 13 years ago.
The doctor said with a shrug… (more…)