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January 19, 2011

The Rush is On

Some kids have lovely handwriting. (Actually, I’ve never really witnessed it myself in our house, but the rumors have circulated for so many years that I’m inclined to believe such children do indeed exist.) For these children, writing is a process they enjoy– the grace of the loops, the cleanness of the letters, the straightness of the lines. Writing seems to be almost calming to them. These same kids tend to take their writing skills directly into their math lessons, dutifully copying down their math problems in a neat and orderly fashion. (Feel the straight columns)

Then…there are the others – the ones I’m far more familiar with. (more…)


Mean Adults- Part Two

September 7, 2010

porcupine Pictures, Images and PhotosWe all love our highly distractible, full-of-life kids.  That’s why we’re here.
This is not a place where we even consider these kids as a defect in need of correction.

They are a delightful bundle of energy, destined to do incredible things in their lifetime.
But during these less formative years, their raw energy and gifts are still being refined.

And because they are unique, they are very often misunderstood and under-appreciated, even by the adults in their world.  

In the last mailing we discussed how to change the situation. 
Today’s email addresses the Sizzler themselves.

Changes in the Sizzler 

What are some things that can be changed in our Sizzler that might minimize the impact the grumpies of the world have on them AND the impact that our Sizzlers have on the grumpies? (more…)