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January 18, 2011

abacus II Pictures, Images and PhotosThere are days when the skies are sunny, the planets align, and the baby wildabeest remains safely away from the water’s edge.
Feel the calm.
All is well with the world.
Peace and tranquility reign in your school.
On such days you can expect that your child will do all their school work well and joyfully, with only the slightest need for encouragement to motivate him.

However, for the remaining 364 days of that year, you need another plan. (more…)



January 17, 2011

Back in December we said that we’d be looking at ways to make Math fun come January.
Was that really just a month ago?
No matter. Here we are, into January and ready to start making math fun.

We’ll be pulling out some of our old math favorites and gathering new ones.
It’s been almost 2 years since we visited this topic and since then, we’ve added over 1700 people to Sizzle Bop.
Even I, with my less-than-stellar math skills can calculate that it’s been waaaay too long since we chatted about Math.

Let’s go for it. We’re always looking for another tool to give our Sizzlers that lead them to success.

So get ready for. . .
A new year.
A new idea.
A new plan.

Here goes– (more…)