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Maps for Creative Non-linear Drivers

March 9, 2010

Hooray! Pictures, Images and PhotosGoogle gets me. Someone far in the nether regions of some Google campus, deep in the bowels of some massive cubicle- filled room, some lovely Google employee gets me. I really need to send her a gift basket. While the rest of the world happily processes map directions, this woman and I, we drive to the tune of a different type of instruction.

I’m the person who when asked by a stranger how to get to the nearest gas station will say something like, “That’s easy. Turn left as you leave this parking lot.” (As I say “left”, my head and left shoulder make a decided left lean to indicated which left I’m referring to lest the traveler be puzzled and inadvertantly go to the right.)  “Then you go about 2…maybe 2 1/2 miles down the road, at which point on the right (reverse head tilt) you’ll see a giant mostly dead tree with turkey buzzards (hands now flapping) roosting in the top. Just past that there’s a road with a teeny weeny (thumb and index finger squeeze together to demonstrate just what is meant by “teeny weeny”, again, lest the listener confuse it with “massive” or “huge”) teeny weeny little road sign, almost like they didn’t really want to commit to giving it a name. In fact, I really don’t know the name ‘cuz the sign’s so small I’ve never really seen it.

Well anyway, at that sign, don’t turn. (more…)