Great Use for Old Cell Phones

PHOTO-Cell phone borderI have long admired those wrist-watch looking devices that are actually reminder alarms. They buzz at any preset time, and even tell you what it is you’re supposed to remember.

Bzzzzz! — Start dinner

Bzzzzz! — Pick children up from soccer (on time for a change.)

Bzzzzz! — Do physical therapy exercises (It might be a good idea for these reminders to include a tazer if response is delayed.)

While I love the concept of these wrist-wonders, the price (often around $70) holds me back. Then Sizzle Bop Mom Barbara wrote in and told us of a great way to do the same thing with an old cellphone! Take a look at what she can do with an NFCP–Non-Functioning Cell Phone.

I have two cell phones. One functions in the usual way–I can make and receive calls with it. The other is non-functioning; it still works for everything except the one purpose for which cell phones are meant to be used. Why do I keep it? Because it makes a great “reminder” calendar, alarm clock or timer! It has up to four different alarms that can be set with all those different ring tones, which not only clue me in to something I don’t want to forget, but also (by the use of the different ring tones, which I have mentally assigned to different purposes) tell me what it is I’m trying to remember!

Any “reminder” having to do with husband has one ring tone; things pertaining to each child have their own ring tone (WHO is it I’m supposed to be picking up after play practice this afternoon?) and kitchen-related things such as bread coming out of the oven have a ring tone of their own. I’m an artist/craftsperson, so art-related events have their ring tone as well. You can see this is a very useful cell phone even though I haven’t made a real phone call with it in something over three years.

 But I lost it last year. I really thought it was gone for good, that I had lost it far from home and would never see my little NFCP (non-functioning cell phone) again. You see, I couldn’t even call my own cell phone to find it…it’s non-functioning and doesn’t take calls. Then, many months later, husband was searching under the bed for something of his own he’d lost, and there was my little NFCP hiding in a dark corner. (Shows how often I clean under the bed.) Of course the battery had long since run out of charge, but that was minor–just plug it in, and within a few hours I had charge again, good as ever.

Barbara even has a daily reminder to go find the phone, so its whereabouts will always be known at least once a day. I love clever (and frugal) ways of adapting the world to work with my mind, instead of trying to make my mind adapt to it. . .which as we all know is a lost cause and will simply result with me wandering around the parking lot looking for my car because I was just certain I’d remember where it was. (Best adaptation I ever heard for that? Put helium balloons in the trunk and push the remote trunk opening button. Love it!)

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