What Weird Holiday Story Do YOU have?

apples Pictures, Images and Photos Life with Sizzlers is just plain different. There’s no use denying it. They stand out, sometimes in ways we wish they didn’t. But more often in ways we love, even if others don’t always understand. When my kids were younger, it got to the point that I stopped sharing stories with people on the playground. I really felt bad for these other parents. They were trying so hard. They would tell their funniest children’s tale. Others around them would softly chuckle. And I would just nod and smile, knowing full and well that my Sizzler stories would top theirs in a heartbeat–either making them gasp or snort soda out their noses. Their kids did something mildly shocking about twice a year. I could usually pull something out of that day’s events.  Their children often said bemusing and sweet, even poignant things. My children’s activities often involving large machinery, ordinary dental floss and a wonderful exhibition of the laws of physics at work.

Many of you have been writing in saying, “Please-oh-please, create a place for us to share our fun holiday stories.” Not only do you. . . . . .probably have some great Sizzler event from past holidays, there will be one or two in the days to come! You can pretty much bank on that.

So this is your place, the place where people “get it”, the place where you will not be judged for the over-the-top antics or words of your Sizzler, the place where we know to laugh at things that typical parents are horrified by, the place where the high energy and unpredictability of Sizzlers is appreciated like fine chocolates with a surprise center.

So Start sharing.

Start laughing.

Always love.

And have a WONDERFUL holiday season.

12 Responses to “What Weird Holiday Story Do YOU have?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Just today my 11yr old sizzler came into the kitchen with blood on her thumb. Haylee says very calm(which only happens when something she has done left her speechless)”Mom, I made my thumb bleed.” Upon questioning as I am walking to the room she was in when it happened,”what did you do to make yourself bleed?” She calmly states,”She squeezed the lightbulb in the Christmas candlesticks that we put on the dining room table. She was supposed to be doing her Reading program on the laptop when the incident happened. I will report she did not need stitchs which is a miracle as there was glass everywhere.

  2. carolbarnier Says:

    I’ve really come to believe there truly is some uncanny attraction between Sizzlers and lightbulbs. I’m happy to report that they seem to go on to lead productive, non-glass-injury-related lives.

  3. Tatiana Says:

    The sizzler comes in excited yelling<hey I know all about Santa——and who——-
    I just look at the energy and the new found truths and say with a smile, you know those that don't believe don't receive, and sometimes it is easier to just believe.

    He continues a mile a minute about elves, and all the Santa's collecting on the streets, and the thousands of helpers that are not really helpers. all the while the little one looks puzzled. Again I simply smile and say,< in the season of the greatest giving, Saint Nicholas comes and receives many helpers, for miracles come in many shapes and sizes and Santa's gift of giving does not come in one size fits all.

    The sizzler continues on and on excited about his discovery of< no flying reindeer and Santa squeezing in the standpipe, and commercialized trees, when there is no chimney (at this point the little one is getting red in the face and looks concerned). Once again I simply smile and say, I have seen deer fly, and quite regularly over our car (of course I am glad when they miss us) and as for fitting in, I have seen St. Nick work miracles in prisons, orphanages, and street corners with families who have lost hope(no pipes or walls here), as for trees they are God's gift of being evergreen in hope.

    Not hearing a word I have said, the sizzler continues, at that point the little one is ready to scream, and don't worry the little one just hears the voice escalating and does not understand much yet. I call the sizzler by name, and say,< did you know that you need to believe to receive and those that don't just won't, and that the biggest gift is the one of love, I glance over to the the little one and then sizzler becomes silent and says, <Mom where is my Christmas list I need to add more to my Santa letter I don't want Santa to forget to get me….

    The following year the sizzler realizes the truth on his own and all to our surprise manages not to say a word to anyone, and becomes one of Santa's jolliest elves in helping others. Go figure.

  4. Rebecca P Says:

    When my daughter was a toddler, I could NEVER manage to wake up before she did. No matter how early I got up, she always seemed to already be up. Needless to say, there were many mornings I woke up in terror of what I would find. One morning I found her on top of our refrigerator, one morning I found her stacking household items and balancing on them to try to reach the top kitchen cabinet, etc, etc, etc. However, one morning in particular sticks out in my mind. I woke up to find the walls of our bathroom, main hallway, and the entry hall all papered up to two year old height with maxipads. She had emptied out the whole stockpile and covered every space she could reach with them.

    • carolbarnier Says:

      If you can separate the maxi-pad product from its intended use, it really IS a pretty cool toy. I’m thinking someone should just invent a peel and stick game product. 🙂

  5. amy Says:

    Well.. the family is a bit more understanding of my sizzler now but when he was about 4 or 5 he had this OCD thing going on where he’d throw things on the floor to see if they break. (He still does it sometimes..he is 10…but it is no longer a CONSTANT NEED.) Great grandma got him a class ornament. ok.. anyone wanna guess where that ended?

  6. Jessica Says:

    Last Thanksgiving we had the family here at our house and I woke up early to put the turkey in the oven and then took it out of the oven at the said time. My 6 yr old son(sizzler)comes in to the bedroom where my mom and I were and he said “Momma, I tried to move the turkey from the top of stove to the dining table, but, I dropped most of the oil out of the pan and it’s all over the floor.” I did try to keep calm but, we can laugh now and at what a big help he was trying to be. And we did get to walk on a greasy floor that day even though we cleaned and cleaned just did not want to be clean. No one got hurt that day. But, what a story.

  7. Elouise Says:

    When my son was 5 or 6, we had a small (3 foot artificial) tree I let them decorate as we were going away for Christmas. Fortunately I followed my gut feeling and did NOT let them put lights on it. When a box of Christmas presents arrived in the mail, we opened the box in the middle of the floor. I told my son to go put them under the tree. Instead, he ran over, grabbed the tree, and plopped it down over the presents!

  8. Sheree Says:

    Oh my – so MANY stories to choose from! First there was the Christmas where my daughter had all 7 of the other (older) cousins following her everywhere she went. My nephew came to me almost in tears because she was “making him follow”! I had to tell him, “She’s 2! You don’t HAVE to follow her!”

    And then there was the year I lost my head and put glass ornaments on the tree. I don’t do that anymore. Or candy canes. Candy Canes on tree = bad.

    Or we could talk about the MANY decorations (most including bulbs of some sort) that lasted 20 years in my mom’s house but not a single season in mine.

    But I think my favorite is the nativity plays – the ones where my nativity scene characters do everything from sheep riding races to “how far can the jump” (aka – “how far can I launch these things?”).

    I have 3, maybe 4 sizzlers. We don’t go many places anymore. :.)

  9. MJ Harris Says:

    I just noticed, while turning out the lights to go to bed, the people to my Christmas village under the Christmas tree. (NOTE: I told myself….”Self, this is a bad idea, because you know what’s going to happen.” Yeah…well…anyway) The little people have been very carefully placed throughout the village, in a strange little pattern, almost if they are hiding or sneaking up on something. I investigated further, and found that each character, including the otters, were armed with teeny tiny little Lego weapons. They had bow and arrows, swords, guns, you name it. Literally the first thought that went through my mind was “Huh, I’m glad I didn’t put the Nativity down there….who knows what sort of gifts the 3 wisemen would be bringing baby Jesus”!

  10. daniele Says:


    What Weird Holiday Story Do YOU have? | Sizzle Bop Blog

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