And the Winner Is. . .

baby laughing Pictures, Images and PhotosWe’ve spent the last few days snortling, chuckling, grinning and snickering at the submissions for our “I Never Thought I’d Say THAT!” contest. I figured we’d all find something to laugh about. What I didn’t expect was just how often I’d look through the list of things some of you all have said and find myself saying, “Yep, I’ve said that too. Yeah, there’s another one. Whoa, just said that one a few minutes ago!”

It just goes to show you, while our kids may seem so unique as to be almost bizarre sometimes, more often than not, another family somewhere has been through the same thing.

So let’s do the countdown of the top ten winners to our contest.

#10  Take the goat out of the bathroom please.

#9  What do you mean you cut a hole in your window screen to fit your paint gun through?

#8  No, peeing on your brother is not okay, even if your water pistol has run dry.

#7 I know I’ve never told you not to, but why on earth would you?

#6  Quit fooling around and use this to put out the fire (says the mom casually to her Sizzler while still on the phone.)

#5  Spit  your brother’s tooth back out and give it back to him.

#4  How can you not know what you ran into? The bruise is between your eyes!

#3  Take that chair OFF, sit down and do your math (He had put his legs thorugh the opening, slid the chair up around his waist and was standing to do his math.)

#2 No more shouting “Who wants to touch my weiner?” in Costco when mommy buys you a hotdog.

And finally, the number one winner of things I Never Expected to Say is. . .

<insert drumroll into your head’s CD player and hit “repeat”>

<scroll down>


Ta Da!—–

Honey, the dog doesn’t have an owie; that’s his bottom (said when mom found the child had covered the dog’s rear with dozens of bandaids. Statement was immediately followed up by an anatomy lesson.)

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners.  And thanks to everyone who participated. You make me feel almost normal.

11 Responses to “And the Winner Is. . .”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Here’s one I said the other day …

    And exactly how do you make “pee brownies?”

    Just so you know, it’s exactly what you think it is mixed with dirt and shaped into brownies. No, I didn’t say it to my girls (thankfully). Most of my “head smacking” comments are said to my boys.

    • mommynerd Says:

      OMgosh, that is so funny! Those were some familiar phrases! Glad to know I am not alone! I didn’t know about the contest, but check this out. I heard “Can I have some” questioned from the back seat. I turned around and found these strange words leaving my mouth.”Please don’t pull dried queso cheese off your face and eat it, and Sissy, don’t eat dried cheese off your brother’s face. Actually, we don’t eat any dried foods off anyone’s face!”

  2. Mindy Vu Says:

    Thank you for this contest. I thought I was the only mom saying “Never thought I’d say that” things. Now I know I’m in wonderful company! And… when I’m having “one of those days”, all that I have to do is pull these out, read them and remember that somewhere out there someone else is having “one of those days”, too and I will laugh to make it “all better”. Blessings!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Well now I don’t feel so bad for having a potty mind in my choices. My top 2 were top two on here. So apparently most of you think like me. Of that doesn’t mean I am normal, I suppose. Just that I am not alone. When you have boys that Sizzle, I suppose that is just how you think. lol

  4. Jeannie Says:

    DD 15, and I were cracking up as we read this list. We picked quite a few of the winners but the one we missed, I am surprised did not make it……………she was cracking up when she told Her Dad about the Mom saying, “Son, take your hands off that small child’s neck”. Can safely that ‘life is not boring to have around’ this groups of kids.


    • carolbarnier Says:

      That one did get quite a few votes. In fact, there were many really good ones that didn’t come into the final ten. Two of my favorites didn’t make it either. But they all resonated, that’s for sure.

  5. Alanna Says:

    Well, first of all, I’d like to thank God for giving me a son who has enough energy for the both of us (too bad I can’t siphon some of it), who is always entertaining and more frequently, exhausting. Secondly, I thank my Sizzler son for making me laugh and teaching me that if I don’t make eye contact with others who are obviously staring at the spectacle he has created, then I can’t possibly know how embarrassed I should be. (He is the wiener boy of #2) And third, thanks to all who found it as funny as I did (and still do) By the way Carol, normal is just a setting on your dryer.

    • carolbarnier Says:

      Yeah. . .but what if the “Normal setting” on my dryer isn’t working either? Am I only left with “delicate”? –which frankly doesn’t suit me at all. I need a setting called “rugged, hearty, and durable. Just add coffee. ” 🙂

  6. Shannon Says:

    These are so funny! I didn’t read the first post for the contest or I would have voted! Just the other day I said to my son “No, you have to do your school work first, then you can finish building your grenade.” He was building one out of Legos-but definitely something I never thought I’d say!

  7. Jody Ross Says:

    Now that you have put this list out, I am consciously making notes when I say things I never thought I would say. I have 2 that I’d like to share.

    1. Just because Lego man’s head fits in your nose doesn’t mean you should stick it there… again! Said in the ER waiting for an ENT to take out the lego.

    2. My husband told my 2 boys that when he was a kid he and his friends would put firefly juice on their tongue. So at lunch today, one of my sons said he was going to eat lightening bugs, and even before I realized it, I told him, “You aren’t eating any bugs until your spaghetti-o’s are gone!

    Thanks! Love this site!

  8. Bek Says:

    Had such a good giggle reading all these!

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